Our online store offers products that are the result of years of being in the field and testing out different materials. Through trial and error we have come to the following list of items that we think have excellent working properties, durability, and overall quality. Our store is intended for anyone wanting to get the best materials, without doing all the research, and having to deal with minimum orders from retailers.

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Bird’s beak for cutting veneer [1.1 lb]

In poplar and mahogany;
6” x 3” x 9.25” (HxWxD)
mahogany block for easy clamping in your workbench and a narrow slit ending in a round hole for precision cutting of marquetry or any other jig-saw project


Epoxy stick (pine, mahogany, or black) [0.6 lb]

These epoxy putty sticks enable you to fill dents in all types of wood and other hard surfaces. They are easy to use and versatile, just cut off a piece and knead to an even consistency. They cure fast and harden in less than 20 minutes. Open working time is 8-10 minutes. They make durable repairs, especially in combination with the wet epoxy we sell. After hardening, the material can be cut, sanded, drilled, stained, painted, and finished.

Excellent adhesion of: wood to metal, wood to glass, and wood to ceramic. Also bonds to: plastic, fiberglass, brass, nylon, aluminum, glass, and wood.

Comes in pine, mahogany, or black.


Fish glue [0.6 - 0.8 lb]

$4.17 - $13.18
Excellent, reversible, and retreatable wood adhesive for your antiques. It is non-toxic, neutral odour, and water soluble. Highly recommended by professional furniture conservators and widely used in the field. It is highly tacky, making it suitable for rub joints as well as clamped joints or repairs. Sets by loss of moisture in 3-4 hours, and fully cures in 12-15 hours.

Hide glue [0.3 lb]

2 oz. $4.94

Excellent, reversible, and retreatable wood adhesive for your antiques. The hide glue comes in dry granules that need to be soaked and heated before use. Especially well suited for hammer veneering and rub joints.



Push stick for wax [0.3 lb]

In hard maple, 5.25” x 0.75” x 0.5” (LxWxD)
Ideal for applying hard wax fills and removing excess wax from the surface without scratching your finish or denting your fill.


Wet epoxy [1.2 lb]


Ideal for use in combination with the epoxy putty sticks we sell. Use this two-part adhesive as an extra adhesion layer for fills susceptible to extreme wear, such as on edges, while filling with epoxy putty. Also adheres plastics, ceramics, metals, glass. Fixes in 5 minutes, functional and 50% cured in 1 hour, fully cured in 12 hrs. Two 4 oz. containers.

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Touch Up and Finishing Materials


Brushes (set of three brushes: #2, #4, #6) [0.3 lb]


These brushes are the best quality we can find with excellent durability, and soft pointed tufts in ‘camel’ hair for precision in-painting. The brushes are round and come in a set of three with sizes #2, #4, and #6. They can be used with shellac, acrylics, water dyes, and oil paints.












Cheese cloth, 18” [0.3 lb]


Cheesecloth is a loosely woven cotton gauze; originally used to wrap cheeses. It is highly versatile, used for aircrafts, crafts, cooking, straining and more. Our cheesecloth is the finest grade, grade #90. It is washable and 100% cotton (bleached), woven for extra strength. It can be used for filtering, cooking, book binding, and (French) polishing.



Gilding Kit


This is your basic toolkit for starting your gilding project, excluding gold leaf.

Includes gilder's tip, gilder's pad, gilder’s mop, gilder’s knife, two ¾” brushes, agate burnisher, oil free steel wool, wad of cotton, Vaseline petroleum jelly, paint stirrers, fine sandpaper


Mica Powder Kit [0.8 lb]


This Mica Powder Pigment Kit is excellent for small touch-ups or toning in gilding. The variety of shades makes it possible to mimic any gold, bronze, copper, or silver tone. Mica Pigments do not fade over time and are chemically stable. They can be used in a wide variety of mediums, such as shellac, acrylics, gum Arabic, and more.



Shellac flakes, 2 oz [0.3 lb]

$4.38 - $14.68

Shellac is a natural resin that is and was widely used for perfect furniture finishes. Whether you would like to French polish a piece of furniture or do a few touch-ups, this is the resin we would recommend.

Comes in three types: Dewaxed Super Blonde, Dewaxed Orange, Dewaxed Garnet.


Squeeze bottles [0.4 - 0.5 lb]

$2.63 - $3.35

Indispensable as containers for shellac, glue, and solvents, as the desired amount is easy to control and no contaminations will occur.

Comes in three sizes: 2 oz., 4 oz. and 8 oz.


Steel wool, 0000, 18” [0.3 lb]


This is not just any fine steelwool. It is the finest we have found and will leave your surfaces finely abraded, but not scratched. It is oil-free, and can also be used for gilding. Flammable.


Touch up Kit [0.9 lb]


This is the touch-up kit we use every day. It contains a wide variety of natural and synthetic pigments and dyes. It is perfect for making any touch-ups on your furniture, in combination with shellac or another medium.


Walnut crystals, 2 oz [0.3 lb]


From old times until the present day, walnut crystals have been used to dye wood because of its rich brown tone. Hard to imitate with any synthetic dye, it is a valuable toning materials for your fills or new projects.


Water dye kit [1.1 lb]


The water dye kit is used for toning wood or applying toning layers between finish layers while touching up new materials



Wax (brown or natural), 1 can [1.8 lb]


Our furniture paste wax imparts a very pleasant even sheen on your furniture and is the ideal way to protect any surface from short-term spills.

The Brown wax contains pigmentation to ensure that small white recesses will blend away, giving your furniture a uniform appearance.

Contains carnauba wax and is safe for antique furniture.




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Basic Shellac Kit [0.9 lb]


  • Steel wool, 18”
  • Cheese cloth, 18”
  • 1 squeeze bottle, 8 oz
  • Shellac flakes, 2 oz
  • Walnut crystals, 2 oz

Basic Wax Kit [1.9 lb]


  • Steel wool 18"
  • Cheese cloth 18"
  • Wax, one can, brown

Deluxe Kit [3.3 lb]


  • Brushes (set of three, #2, 4, 6)

  • Touch up kit

  • Epoxy stick, pine

  • Steel wool, 18”

  • Cheese cloth, 18”

  • 1 squeeze bottles, 8 oz

  • Shellac flakes, 2 oz

  • Walnut crystals, 2 oz

  • Wax, one can, brown

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